Plan Now for Your Future

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Financial success doesn't happen by chance. It has much more to do with choice. Transforming aspirations into actuality takes acumen, hard work, discipline, and strategic financial planning.

When it's a matter of planning for your future, realizing the need to take greater control over your financial life is the first step. Choosing someone who has the ability and resources to best address those needs is the next.

Myself and my team work hard to help our current and future clients focus on their financial goals.


"Helping people align their financial actions with their intentions is my value proposition because many of the people I meet haven't yet followed through on their important topics. Whether its risk management, wealth accumulation or estate planning, I have been effective in helping to ease their minds concerning these issues. I start by thorough fact finding and then implement the planning process at a pace the client is comfortable with."

—George McGuire


As a Wealth Management Advisor, I work with executives and business owners in a variety of industries both locally and across the country.

George Mc Guire
Wealth Management Advisor

Alignment Wealth Management

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